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Jason Hakes
Candidate for Ward 3

1. Do you believe we have a housing problem in Gloucester? If so, whom does it affect?                                                                                                                            


Yes, it effects all. 


2. What are your definitions of affordable housing and workforce housing? Who do you see as needing affordable and workforce housing in Gloucester?                          


Affordable housing: would be an income based eligibility.
Workforce housing: you make to much for Affordable housing but, still may qualify for a affordable rent.


3. Clustered housing: Do you generally support building more housing that is grouped, such as duplexes, multi-family, townhouses etc.?  If so, where do you see possibilities in the city for more clustered housing?                                               


4. When you speak with constituents (local business owners, employers, and workers) about income and housing prices in our community, what conclusions do you draw from those conversations?                                                                             

My neighbors are concerned with parking, road and sidewalk repairs, trash removal and taxes.


5. What do you see as the major barriers in our community to creating more affordable/workforce housing? How do we overcome them?                                         

Our aging utility systems, parking,  and preservation of green space. 


6. How have your experiences, personal and professional, shaped your views on housing and land use in Gloucester? And what have you done in the past to address these concerns?                                                                                                             

My only experience is being a homeowner in Gloucester.


7a. What do you think is the best plan for meeting the requirements of the MBTA zoning?                                                                                                                           


I would like to research more and speak with subject matter experts .


7b. What are your recommendations to update zoning in Gloucester’s downtown train station area (and West Gloucester station area, if applicable) to bring the City into compliance?                                                                                                                   

I would like to research more and speak with subject matter experts .


8. Do you think that every neighborhood in Gloucester is contributing its “fair share” of housing supply for the city? If not, which neighborhoods do you think are not contributing their fair share, and how should the City address this inequity?               


Ward 3 is providing its fair share of housing supply.

9. Where do you stand on two or three family homes across all neighborhoods to meet the housing needs of  the average Gloucester worker?                                        


I believe Gloucester already has an abundance of 2 to 3 family homes especially in Wards 2 and 3.


10. A recent attempt to propose new restrictive regulations on Gloucester’s Short Term Rentals failed to gain support due to lack of data and overall impact. What do you think the City can do, if anything, to restrict or limit short term rentals?                


I would like to research more and speak with subject matter experts .


11a. Housing policy is closely linked to other policy areas, such as transit, racial justice, environmental issues, and economic sustainability. What do you think of housing policy as it interacts with these other issues?                                                  

I would like to research more and speak with subject matter experts .


11b. Additionally, how do you think housing issues are affecting local businesses and employers?                                                                                                                     

The cost of housing rent or buying is causing a shortage of employees.


12a. Are there other specific housing initiatives that you think the City should prioritize?                                                                                                                       


I would like to research more and speak with subject matter experts .


12b. Do you agree or disagree that the City of Gloucester should do more to encourage housing production of all types, including both market rate and income-restricted? If you agree, how can the City encourage housing production?                  


I think Gloucester should take small steps in build new housing.

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