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Housing for All Gloucester (H4AG) is a community organization focused on solutions to increase fair, affordable, and environmentally sustainable housing. Working in coalition with affordable housing providers, builders, and the City, our goal is to preserve, sustain and advance housing initiatives that support the cultural and economic diversity of Gloucester as we build not only for today but for tomorrow as well. *

* A quote often referenced in Gloucester from the Federal Works Projects Administration mural (above), "The Founding of Gloucester" by Charles Allan Winter located in Gloucester City Hall.

  • Advocate for and pursue a range of policies, planning and projects to increase affordable housing options (both rental and homeownership) that respond to the current economic and environmental challenges we face. We also recognize that this will require advocacy for an increase in a real living wage.

  • Support the creation of housing that is affordable to those with moderate, limited-wage, or fixed incomes with special attention to the needs of those just starting out in the workforce, local workers, and downsizing seniors.

  • Promote the preservation and expansion of existing multifamily housing across the city that represents Gloucester's long history as a culturally, socially, and economically diverse community.

  • Support housing that preserves green/open space, utilizes clean, renewable energy, and addresses our environmental and climate related challenges. 

  •  Engage city officials, allies and neighbors to identify  funding resources, housing and land use opportunities that will expand housing diversity and affordability.

  • Support inclusive, fair, economically, culturally, and racially equitable planning and zoning that creates housing across all neighborhoods.

  • Hold the City accountable to its Housing Production Plans, fair process in the allocation of housing funds, and to all fair housing and civil rights laws.

  • Promote community engagement and  an understanding that more affordable housing is a benefit to all and connected to our City’s economic vitality.

  • As the cost of housing has greatly increased, many of us and our neighbors can no longer afford to live here. Incomes do not begin to cover the cost of housing, and this disparity impacts us all.  Without urgent action to address the lack of housing that’s adequately affordable, our community’s social stability, cultural and economic diversity  may be forever changed.  

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