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The MBTA TOD initiative does nothing to address affordable housing.

Let’s fix that …

“The MBTA TOD initiative provides Gloucester with an opportunity to address affordable housing.”

There. That’s better.

The State’s MBTA Transit Oriented Development initiative requires cities and towns with an MBTA transit station to amend their local zoning rules to allow for more housing to be built in what the program refers to as “transit zones”. Is there anything stopping us from also including affordable housing requirements in these new transit zones when we create them? Absolutely not. Should we be thinking ahead now and making plans to include affordable housing requirements within these new zones, to ensure that a certain percentage of any new housing that might be built there is affordable to ordinary working Gloucester people and our children? Of course we should.

The MBTA TOD initiative is happening. How exactly it gets designed & implemented here in Gloucester is up us.

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