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2023 Municipal Election

We believe housing will be a central issue of this year’s elections so Housing4All Gloucester is working on a few initiatives to learn about and share with voters, where candidates stand on a range of housing issues.

There's a lot at stake this election!  While Housing4All Gloucester is not endorsing  municipal candidates, we are highlighting candidate positions on the issue for voters. In  order to ensure that we get an Administration and City Council that's committed to the creation and preservation of  stable, sustainable and affordable housing for Gloucester  we need  all to participate and vote. 

Candidate Housing Forum Series 

To further our understanding of the positions Gloucester Mayoral and Councilor candidates hold, related to our local housing needs, we invited all of them to join us for a Housing Forum Series this October.  

Moderators for the Forums were:

  • Paul Lundberg for the Mayoral and At-Large Forums

  • Hannah Kimberley for the Wards' Candidates. 


All Forum events were held at the Gloucester Stage Company, located at 267 E. Main Street and  were free and accessible to attend for the general public. 

The Mayoral, At-Large and Ward Councilor Forums were all livestreamed and recorded for future viewing.  We thank both 1623 Studios and Craig Kimberley to worked to make the videos possible




We hope all voters and concerned pro housing advocates will take the time to view the forum videos and to read through the candidates' questionnaire responses. 


Forum series.jpg

Candidate Housing Questionnaire 

Housing4All Gloucester sent out a questionnaire to all 23 candidates for Mayor, At-Large and Ward Councilor. We received 13 responses. You can read the full responses from each candidate by clicking their name below, or compare responses from different candidates here.

Additionally, we extend our sincerest thanks to all the candidates who took the time to answer our questions on this important issue.

Gregg Verga.jpg

Greg Verga




Jason Grow



Scott Memhard.jpg

Scott Memhard

Ward 1


Barry Pett.jpg

Barry Pett

Ward 2

Val Gilman.jpg
Chris S.jpeg
Dylan Benson.jpg
Jason Hakes.jpg
Tony Gross.jpg

Tony Gross



Jeff Worthley.jpg

Greg Worthley



Dan Epstein.jpg
Joseph R Orlando.jpeg
Fank Margiotta.jpg
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